Your family doctors - general practitioners, company doctors, travel doctors, palliative doctors in Gleichen -Göttingen

You as a patient with your personal health questions are the centre of our GP practices in Gleichen / Göttingen area with the practices in Bremke and Göttingen.
We offer advice in the field of occupational medicine, nutritional medicine, family medicine, palliative medicine, psychooncology, travel medicine, sports medicine
We have the goal - in the sense of a holistic medicine - to examine you as comprehensively and holistically as possible in order to be able to advise and treat you in the best possible preventive and curative way.
In holistic medicine, a certain symptom is not considered on its own, but always in connection with all other symptoms and personal influencing factors in order to determine the correct diagnosis and its causes.
Patient-oriented care and detailed information, regular furthertraining, guideline-oriented organisation and treatment procedures aswell as optimum communication with the doctors and therapists in Gleichen and Göttingen and the surrounding area ensure the qualityof our practice.
It is our concern to maintain your health together with you and we use our comprehensive knowledge and experience for this purpose. We take our time for you in Gleichen and in Göttingen.
We have consultation hours for you every morning and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.
Your family doctor Mathias Lindstedt and his practice team.