Yellow fever vaccination practice

Before you start your travel to Africa or America have your yellow fever vaccination done.

My practice is official Yellow fever vaccination practice in Göttingen and Gleichen.

We have yellow fever vaccine on stock.

Before your trip to Africa or America you will be vaccinated againstyellow fever.

The yellow fever vaccination is a typical travel vaccination. It is carriedout in Germany with a live vaccine that provides sufficient protection after only ten days and will last lifelong. The vaccination can only be carried out in state-authorised yellow fever vaccination stations.

My practice is approved yellow fever vaccine site.

I carry out this vaccination in my practices in Gleichen Bremke and Göttingen.

We have enough yellow fever vaccine in stock.

Yellow fever is still a life-threatening infectious disease. A total of 47 countries are considered to have yellow fever endemic areas. According to a study, between 84,000-170,000 serious yellow fevercases and 29,000-60,000 deaths occurred in 2013. An estimated200,000 cases of yellow fever occur annually worldwide, including anestimated 30,000 deaths. 90% of all infections occur in Africa.

Yellow fever is caused by viruses (Flavivirus febricis). At the beginningof the disease, flu-like symptoms occur. In the further course it comesto fever, internal bleeding, jaundice and kidney damage. Around 15% develop a serious course of the disease, and half of these patients die. Persons living in yellow fever risk areas (locals) or visiting the risk areas(travellers) are at risk. For travelers who are unvaccinated so-called"non-immune";, the disease is fatal in 50-60% of cases.

The yellow fever vaccination should take place at least 10 days beforeyour departure. Your vaccination protection and the vaccinationcertificate in your vaccination pass are valid for 10 days aftervaccination.

Yellow fever in Africa map:

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